Feline Aids Awareness

Feline Aids (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV) is a relatively common viral infection of cats. It causes a gradual debilitation and weakness of the immune system, predisposing infected cats to ongoing, recurrent infections and an increased predisposition to certain cancers (eg Lymphoma).

There is no cure for FIV, and no direct treatment.

Cats become infected with FIV usually as a result of fighting and getting bitten. Cats that go outside, especially at night, cats that have ever had an abscess and cats who are not desexed (more likely to fight) are at increased risk.

Vaccination is available to protect against Feline Aids. This vaccine only provides protection for 12 months so it is extremely important to keep this vaccine up to date in order to protect your cat.

For further information please call us to discuss your cat’s health.

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