Blood Analysis

There are times when a thorough physical exam alone is not enough to make a diagnosis, and a blood test may be required.

We are fortunate to have two on-site blood analyser machines at Keysborough Veterinary Practice. This allows us to run some blood tests speedily on site. Fast results mean less waiting time for both  you and your pet, and allows us to run pre-anaesthetic blood profiles the same day as surgery, so you will not need to visit the day before an anaesthetic in order to have a blood test.

There are lots of different parameters that we can test in blood. We may choose to perform a general screen, or a more comprehensive screen, or clotting times, or we may have to test one very particular parameter in the case of many hormonal conditions. Some of these less common tests will require the use of an external laboratory, but even then we will usually have a result late in the day, or the next morning.


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