Flea facts

Flea cycle

Fleas have been a particular problem in Keysborough Summers, and this Summer is shaping up to be no exception. However, to keep your pet and home flea-free you need to maintain year round prevention.

Did you know that only 5% of the flea population is actually on your pet? The other 95% (eggs and larvae) are lurking in the environment. They’re in the soil, your pet’s bedding and any other areas your pet frequents, including your couch! Controlling the flea population, and stopping re-infestation of your pet means more than just killing the adults once or twice with a flea bath.

Flea -Pyramid

Flea shampoos and Flea collars are not effective at controlling the immature flea stages in the environment, neither is a single application of a topical product. Low numbers of fleas may cause few symptoms in some pets, but will allow the immature flea population to increase to large numbers before you notice an infestation. It is therefore important that flea prevention be maintained year round on all pets in the household.

At Keysborough Veterinary Practice there are a number of topical and tablet preventative products that we routinely recommend, tailored to suit your pets and the range of parasites you need to cover. Contact us for more information, or bring in the products you have been using if you think they are proving less than effective.

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