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Jack’s Adoption Story


This handsome fellow is Jack. He’s had a bit of a rough start, but it leads to a happy ending.

Poor Jack had been living rough as far as we could tell, scavenging food where he could. Jack’s not unlike hundreds of other ‘neighbourhood cats’ around Keysborough, free roaming cats that many people feed, but nobody thinks they own.

But one day, Jack was unwell. For most neighbourhood cats being unwell would go unnoticed as the people that feed them, and yet do not consider themselves to own them, assume that their ‘real owner’ will take responsibility and take them to the vet. Likewise, when these ‘neighbourhood cats’ go missing, their feeders assume that they have ‘gone home’, when in reality they may be in a pound, or injured, with nobody looking for them as nobody believes they are missing.

But Jack’s feeders noticed, and took responsibility for his care.

Jack came to us for treatment, and was found to have a microchip with no contact details. He was treated, but as he was a stray cat, he could not legally go home with his feeders that day.

Jack was picked up by the Greater Dandenong Council and was taken to the local pound for his waiting period, in case his previous owners were looking for him, but nobody came. Despite having a microchip, with no current contact details and not being registered with any local council, his previous owners could not be located.

He then went to the Lost Dog’s Home for another health check and to get his vaccinations and worming up to date. He was then available for adoption, and the kind people who had been feeding him (and concerned enough to bring him into our clinic in the first place) were given the first opportunity to adopt him.

They did.

Jack now has a new home, with caring owners rather than people who just feed him. He will be safe, cared for and if he goes missing his family will look for him. He has a warm bed, regular food and lots of love.

Jack has a happy story, but there are other neighbourhood cats out there who are not yet so lucky. Nobody has taken responsibility for them, they are on their own.

If there are stray or neighbourhood cats in your area, perhaps cats that you have been feeding, please bring them in to us, a shelter or the local council to be scanned for a microchip. They might be lost and far from home, in which case scanning their microchip is their best chance to be happily reunited. If they have no home, and you wish to adopt them, you may have the opportunity to do so through the local council when the proper legal process is followed.

Because every cat deserves a safe home, a warm bed, a caring family and a happy ending to their story, just like Jack.