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Halloween will soon be upon us, and Albert is all dressed up for the weekend.

Please keep an eye on your pets this weekend and remember the following tips:

  • Keep Halloween treats away from dogs and cats, especially chocolate
  • Keep your pets securely in the house or backyard, especially if you’re expecting trick-or-treaters to come through the front gate.
  • Keep any burning decorations out of reach or pets, or use fake, battery powered candles.
  • Pets that eat decorations, especially ribbon and similar objects, can develop life threatening intestinal obstructions. Ensure your decorations are secure.
  • Visitors and parties can be distressing for pets who would prefer some peace and quiet. Ensure they have an area they can access when they want to be left alone.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!


Tooth Fairy

Dental Month will soon be here again, and Albert is once again dressed for the occasion. This time he is a tooth fairy, but hopefully our patients don’t need too lose many teeth!

As always our focus is on good dental care and preventing the need to extract teeth. Call us today to book a free dental check to assess your pet’s teeth and chat about what preventative measures you can take at home.