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Rocky’s Broken Leg


Meet poor baby Rocky. After a rough start, Rocky came to Keysborough Veterinary Practice from the local shelter with a badly broken leg. His femur had fractured just above the knee, and in this position it was not going to heal in a splint or cast.


The only way this painful fracture had any chance to heal was with surgical stabilisation. Rocky had to have an anaesthetic to realign his bone fragments and have three intra-medullary pins and a ring of wire placed. This will stabilise the broken bone and give him the best chance of healing normally, with no long term health problems.

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We at Keysivet wish Rocky all the best in his recovery. He has been returned to the AAPS animal shelter waiting to start his new life. If you are interested in adopting Rocky, or would like to donate to the shelter, please give them a call on (03)9798-8415. His case number is #34428.