Keysborough Veterinary Practice

Keysborough Veterinary Practice has provided outstanding veterinary care to Keysborough and the surrounding suburbs since 1988. The clinic is purpose built and fully equipped. Our dedicated team of Veterinarians and Nurses are committed to the well being of your pet.

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care in a modern, well-equipped practice. Compassion, understanding and a commitment to client education compliment our exceptional veterinary services.


Meet Our Staff


Dr Chris Boemo, BVSc (Hons), MRCVS.

  • The practice owner and an experienced veterinarian, Chris graduated in 1982 and spent the early part of his career in a greyhound practice; nurturing his interest in sports medicine and orthopaedics. He still sees sport injuries, greyhounds and orthopaedic cases on a regular basis, and also accepts patients referred from other practices, including interstate.
  • He is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association, the Australian Veterinary Dental Society, the AVA Practice Management group and Australian Greyhound Veterinarians (AGV). He also served as the AGV’s representative on the AVA’s policy council for 21 years. He regularly presents papers at the AGV conferences and has written several chapters in veterinary text books.
  • When he’s not running the practice, he is kept busy by his wife and three daughters. He has a keen interest in gardening, snow skiing, camping, water skiing and travel. He owns a dog named Roxy, and is owned by a cat named Pekoe.



Dr Mary Parker, BVSc

  • Prior to joining the Keysborough Veterinary Practice Team, Dr Mary has previously been working in a mixed practice in chilly Tasmania, where she did a bit of everything; from working with dogs, cats, farm animals, wildlife, the RPSCA and some nights at the Greyhound Track.
  • Having spent the previous 6 months in a 24 hour Emergency and Intensive Care clinic she has decided to switch back to general practice and is looking forward to assisting the community as best she can.
  • She is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association and the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association.
  • She currently has two cats, Wonka an orphaned deaf kitten she accidentally adopted in Tasmania and her newest addition Pancake a troublesome rescue kitten.



Dr Paige Cross, BSc (Hons), DVM

  • Dr Paige is the newest Doctor of our Veterinary team here at Keysborough Veterinary Practice. She graduated from Melbourne University at the conclusion of 2016. Paige previously worked as a Veterinary Nurse for almost six years, and has extensive emergency experience.
  • Paige is very passionate about Animal Welfare as well as Internal and emergency medicine.
  • Dr Paige also enjoys performing surgery and is currently learning and developing her surgical skills.
  • Paige enjoys karate and hanging out with her 3 dogs (Cody, Alice and Jinx) and her 4 cats (Hex, Jack, and Kira). Paige also has a beautiful Coastal Carpet Python that goes by the name of Morrigan!



Lucy Chick

  • Lucy is one of our full-time senior, qualified Veterinary Nurses, she has also done further study in zoology and wildlife conservation. She has experience in emergency medicine and wildlife.
  • She has a beautiful Labrador by the name of Charlie and a Greyhound named Mia who are both spoilt rotten.
  • Lucy has a special interest in greyhound medicine and zoology. In her spare time, Lucy enjoys playing tennis, horse riding and travelling.





Caitlin Sparkes

  • Caitlin is one of our full time Certificate IV Qualified Veterinary Nurses, who started at the practice in 2011.
  • She has a very large family that consists of a horse named Kitah, a Staffy x named Jaydee, a Doberman named Diesel, a Staffy x Greyhound called Bandit, and 4 beautiful cats named Mishka, Ripley, Simba and Rusty.
  • Caitlin has a special interest in animal welfare, re-homing and adoption of animals.
  • In Caitlin’s spare time she enjoys horse riding, walking with her dogs and watching movies.



Cait Lee

  • Cait is one of our Certificate IV Qualified Vet Nurses who has been here since 2013
  • Cait owns three horses called Rumours, Panda and Regal and also a German Shepherd x named Karma that she loves dearly.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, horse riding eating donuts and doing anything outdoors!




Emily Manuele

  • Emily is our newest Certificate IV Qualified Veterinary nurse
  • She is the proud owner of a black German Shepherd named Hunter, who was rescued at 12 months of age.
  • Emily has a keen interest in canine training and behaviour.
  • In her spare time Emily enjoys snowboarding, watching Superhero movies and going on adventures.