Receptionist Lara is always quick to help open the door when I am carrying the cat carrier with two hands. My timid little cat sees Dr Emma, who is very calm, kind and patient. She takes the time and also shows a great deal of respect for my cat to ensure that my cat is comfortable and not stressed. In addition to routine checks, my cat has had blood tests and a dental clean at the practice. It all went smoothly and the vet nurses looked after my cat very well at the dental procedure, which was an all-day appointment. Thank you to all.


LiJoo Ng

4 weeks ago

Wonderful people but unfortunately like all vets. WAY OVERPRICED. Why can't they lower these crazy high prices. There's no reason why they cant


Joshua f

2 months ago

A shout out to this Veterinary practise! Especially Dr Mary and Laura. You have kindly supported my doggie Lightning as he transistioned into old age with such care and love. Thank you very much for this.


Tania Hogg

7 months ago

Thanks to the staff at Keysborough Vet for their efforts and the sincerity shown before the passing of Rusty yesterday. Can highly recommend the services and the treatment recommended got me an extra month I wasn't expecting to have. So, feel very blessed to have got that additional time to say good bye. Thank you to everyone at Keysborough vet involved to help make Rusty's last month as comfortable as possible


Nathan Marshall

10 months ago

All were very accommodating and very kind and patient. Doctor and nurse too very loving to the pups


Cheryl Fernandes

10 months ago

Loved it, great service all the way through - from phone service, to counter service, to the vet appointment. Everyone is super lovely and happy to answer all questions you have. They encourage calling and just asking if you have any pet queries.


Terence Duong

a years ago

So far out of all the vets I've been to this one is the best. It's really a shame I've moved far. You can tell that Mary and Chris genuinely care for your pets and that they actually like animals. Not to name and shame but many I've been to don't even try to make your pet comfortable. The receptionists here are also really nice. Consultation fee is fairly priced. Thanks, Mika 😊


Eleina Hassan

2 years ago

My dog was spade yesterday and the level of care given to my dog was outstanding. The Veterinarians and nursing staff are very friendly and take the time to answer all queries.


Ray Jones

2 years ago

A very good pet veterinary. I had to unfortunately put down my dog recently and they made it an easy and calm process. I will always remember her. ❤


Andy Matei

2 years ago

Outstanding Veterinary practice. All vets here are excellent, with special mention to Dr. Nicole who has provided amazing care to our dog since we first got her in 2020.


Dean C

2 years ago

My dog Licorice met the Vet Nicole for the first time. It was an amazing experience. Nicole was extremely patient and friendly with Licorice. She answered all my questions. I'd surely request that she's the one we see again. Thank you Nicole.


Trevor Rozario

2 years ago

Well priced very knowledgeable veterinarians. Trust them with my Lil fur baby


Dion Sanza

2 years ago

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