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At Keysborough Veterinary Practice our experienced veterinarians are well equipped to handle many types of urgent care cases.

Both Dr Nicole Hillier and Dr Emma Bakker are Members of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Emergency and Critical Care. Other vets and nurses within Keysborough Veterinary practice also have extensive Emergency experience.

Our clinic facilities include equipment to administer intravenous fluids (a drip), as well as run in-house diagnostics including Xray, urgent bloodwork and FAST ultrasound scans. This makes us a good choice for treating unwell pets during our opening hours. We are well equipped to treat most cases of vomiting, diarrhoea, sudden onset pain, lameness, injuries, recent poison or object ingestion, and many other problems.

As we are not staffed overnight, we recommend critically unwell patients be taken to a 24 hour vet clinic. The majority of patients are transferred back to us in the morning if they are reasonably stable.

So that we can begin the triage process over the phone we recommend you call us before coming in. In some cases we may recommend you head straight to an emergency clinic if the problem sounds very severe.

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