Water for Wildlife!

Looks like we’re in for a hot summer, and while its important to keep our pets (and ourselves) cool and hydrated, wildlife struggle in the heat too.

Placing a shallow dish of fresh water helps our native wildlife survive heat waves. Here are some tips to make that water as accessible as possible.

  • Use a broad, shallow dish, tray or bird bath
  • Place it in shade or in a sheltered position near plants to help wildlife feel more secure.
  • Use branches, twigs or river stones to provide a means for small animals and insects to climb out of the water and prevent drowning.

Long Term Medication

There are a thousand other things to do at this busy time of year, but one of those things should be to organise your pet’s long term medication!

While we at Keysborough Veterinary Practice only close on the public holidays, our medication wholesalers will close for a couple of days, and posted medication is often delayed at this busy time of year.

So now is a great time to ensure you have enough stock of any critical medications before the public holidays, or any travel you’ll be enjoying at this time of year.

Cats & Ribbons

A pile of glistening, shiny Christmas presents sitting under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree are charming, heartwarming… and apparently delicious to many unwise cats at this time of year!

Many cats are tempted by long, curly, shiny ribbons and will play with them. A few of those will chew and swallow ribbon or string, resulting in a potentially devastating linear foreign body in the intestine!

A linear foreign body is worse than a rounded foreign body, as it will often thread through the intestines, causing the gut to bunch up around it, like pulling a drawstring through the edge of a pair of pants. The ribbon may then cut through the intestine, and often requires multiple surgical incisions to remove safely.

Symptoms of a linear foreign body include: vomiting, not wanting to eat, lethargy, and generally being severely unwell.

Ribbon, tinsel, string and similar shaped objects can all become linear foreign bodies if eaten. Using broader, thicker ribbon means it is less likely to be eaten by your curious cat, but some cats are simply too tempted to be around ribbon at all.