Grass Seed Season

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Grass Seed Season

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It’s grass seed season!
Some of you may already know the dangers of grass seeds with your pets, but for those who don’t please stay tuned.

Grass seeds commonly get caught in dog’s feet or on the sides of their abdomen if they’ve been lying in the grass. More often that not, we don’t notice the grass seeds in the animal’s fur until they’ve migrated into the skin and create an abscess or the animal starts limping.

If the seed is in the paw, they may be visibly red and swollen; the pet may also be licking the foot as it’s quite painful.
In most cases, the grass seeds have to be surgically removed, and they’re quite hard to find; sometimes they will even take multiple attempts to find.
You can see the migration in the video below, posted by Walkerville Vet.

We also have some photos below of grass seeds that have been removed from inside the paws of dogs in the past at our practice.

grass seed season grass seed season

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